Dragoon Patrol #2

Second Installment of Dragoon Patrol!

You can also read more Galactopera comics at Wiltworthy.

Stone Throwing

In Galactopera, I wanted to take some things away that we take for granted in science fantasy and see what that did for the story. I made space travel a huge obstacle to overcome and I took away pervasive robots, or automata, and made them an endangered, delicate thing. Once I did those two things the story fell in place in my head, although I recently realized I need to set aside some pages to deal with the special situations in the galaxy, otherwise throwing a magic stone and walking through a portal is just a magic device rather than an integral and special part of the world. Enter a few comic pages I will be doing to touch on the topics that underpin my Galactopera story.

Enter the Dragoon Patrol

Dragoon Patrol. Welcome to a new strip exploring the bottom rung of the hegemonic ladder in Galactopera with Vladrion and Estriel, a Space Elf vaudeville-style double act that hopefully progresses to a better understanding of their part in the management of power in the galaxy. If you find a Double Act, whatever the genre, it’s going to explore the distribution of power.

  • Obiwan and Anakin
  • Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern
  • Finn and Jake
  • Troy and Abed
  • Jay and Silent Bob
  • Mae and Gregg
  • Inigo and Fezzig
  • Estragon and Vladimir

They always end up navigating the dungeons of power and succumbing or (rarely) escaping.  It’s what they do!  So I made a dungeon and threw two characters into it.  Voila!  Dragoon Patrol.

You can also read more Galactopera comics at Wiltworthy.

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Kirby Krackle for Clip Studio

I had a page that called for some Kirby krackle the other day and had a nice time putting it together, but I stumbled upon Toongsteno’s brushes on Deviant Art.

Here’s a sampler of the brushes:

They really do a terrific job and save a lot of time when you don’t have an hour to blot out your own krackle. I’ll be pulling these out sometimes in the future to help get some inking done faster.

Get Matt’s awesome Krackle brushes here.