Star Wars Holiday Special Boba Fett


May I Introduce to you the act you’ve known for all these years!  HOLIDAY SPECIAL BOB FETT!!!!!  I think there isn’t really any question that everyone’s favorite Fett is Boba from the 1978 Holiday Special Cartoon!  If not, what is wrong with you?  There has been so much disharmony amongst the Star Wars faithful and I think it is time to unite in appreciating what Holiday Fett has always provided.  He’s ever so friendly for one thing, and for another he rides a dinosaur and rocks a tuning fork gun. He teaches all about stranger danger and, even though it is his first time on screen, he is still so cool and cavalier about his bounties that he is willing to walk away & catch them another day, closing with his first catch phrase, “we’ll meet again friends”.  What’s not to like, friends?!

Holiday Boba, or Bob, as he likes me to call him since I’ve stuck with him through the lean years, is the original Boba. In 1978, before there was an action figure you could mail in for, before he got in a tie fighter dogfight with Luke in the newspaper strips only to  get beaten by a magnet, and before he was fab in his salad days appearing on Empire Strikes Back he was our friend.  I love you Holiday Bob!  You are my favorite Boba!  

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