Dragoon Patrol #2

Second Installment of Dragoon Patrol!

You can also read more Galactopera comics at Wiltworthy.

Stone Throwing

In Galactopera, I wanted to take some things away that we take for granted in science fantasy and see what that did for the story. I made space travel a huge obstacle to overcome and I took away pervasive robots, or automata, and made them an endangered, delicate thing. Once I did those two things the story fell in place in my head, although I recently realized I need to set aside some pages to deal with the special situations in the galaxy, otherwise throwing a magic stone and walking through a portal is just a magic device rather than an integral and special part of the world. Enter a few comic pages I will be doing to touch on the topics that underpin my Galactopera story.

Enter the Dragoon Patrol

Dragoon Patrol. Welcome to a new strip exploring the bottom rung of the hegemonic ladder in Galactopera with Vladrion and Estriel, a Space Elf vaudeville-style double act that hopefully progresses to a better understanding of their part in the management of power in the galaxy. If you find a Double Act, whatever the genre, it’s going to explore the distribution of power.

  • Obiwan and Anakin
  • Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern
  • Finn and Jake
  • Troy and Abed
  • Jay and Silent Bob
  • Mae and Gregg
  • Inigo and Fezzig
  • Estragon and Vladimir

They always end up navigating the dungeons of power and succumbing or (rarely) escaping.  It’s what they do!  So I made a dungeon and threw two characters into it.  Voila!  Dragoon Patrol.

You can also read more Galactopera comics at Wiltworthy.

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